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Three Entry-Level Technical IT Jobs in the UK

Job Devoted 18 April, 2022

IT is an excellent field to enter if you're a technology fan who loves working with computers and telecommunications products. Now is a great time to enter the field in an entry-level position as well. These are three jobs you can acquire in IT without previous experience:

Entry-Level Technician

A tech position is the best place to start if you're interested in helping other people resolve their technology issues. You'll likely begin this journey as a trainee, learning about various data systems and operations. You'll have a seasoned and experienced mentor and online training and modules. The starting pay for the position is £18K - £21K.

IT Advisor

As an IT advisor, you might work for a broadband company, ensuring that the services meet customers' daily needs. You do not need experience for this position, as many entry-level openings exist. Check the job boards to learn more about the training programs employers offer. Some of them have extensive programs because they believe in putting effort into their workers. As a result, you'll get a well-rounded education that will help you take your career soaring to new heights.

Service Desk Analyst

The service desk analyst position pays approximately £26,252. You'll be helping callers sort out issues with software applications, mobile devices, and hardware from a dedicated service desk platform. Many people enjoy working in the position because it mixes customer service with various technical skills. You can get a job as a person with no experience and work your way up to mastering the service desk.

You should now have enough information to decide which field you want to enter within the technical and IT realms. As you can see, your possibilities aren't limited by experience. Many businesses are willing to bring their new workers up to level on the latest technologies and analytical processes.